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Gas and Go

Senior Heliman

Western Wisconsin- USA

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on the Yuneec Q500 models how does the camera move.
I see in videos that moves up and down but how much side to side?

And if you have it in the follow me or watch me does the machine yaw or rotate to keep the skids out of video or picture frame?

09-04-2015 Over year old.


Ontario, CA

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Hello Gas & Go!

You have control of the camera tilt via the transmitter. To pan simply pirouette the machine.

Correct in watch me and follow me mode the machine will follow the transmitter with no sign of skids in your filming.

Best Regards,

Tim Terrones
Online Social Services|Yuneec USA, Inc.
5555 Ontario Mills Parkway
Ontario, CA 91764

09-18-2015 Over year old.



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Is this pretty much how all cameras operate on multi rotors? I am thinking of buying a Q500 and wondering how they operate.

05-27-2016 01:38 AM
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