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ProModeler Scorpion Power
HelicopterThunder TigerOther › Servo choice for R50v2?
12-20-2003 06:06 PM  13 years agoPost 21
Drunk Monk


Preston, UK

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damn, that's how I was going to justify to myself getting the new servos oh well, I'm runnind ds 811's at the mo which do seem to be pretty good. Problem over here is that 9252's are about £99 $140


I only open my mouth to change feet.....

12-20-2003 07:14 PM  13 years agoPost 22


Ohio, USA

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9202's for everything except:

9253 on the tail and


9252 on the collective!!!!!


Team Horizon

12-20-2003 09:14 PM  13 years agoPost 23

Key Veteran

Airdrie, AB - Canada

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Strong Fast Digital Collective

I started with the 9001's that came with the radio on my R50v2. It doesn't take long at all and you'll be wanting something better on the collective servo.

They didn't have 9252's in stock at the LHS when I was feeling the impulse to upgrade. Went with a Hitec 5925, and it makes a huge difference.

The next impulse will be a 5945 for collective and a pair of 5925's to go with the existing for cyclic. I don't mind giving Hitecs a shot on the 50 to draw my own reliability conclusions. The upcoming 90 will get a 9350 and 9252's.

You can really change cyclic response significantly with blades and paddles. So the intense pressure to get digitals in there isn't quite as strong.


12-21-2003 04:24 PM  13 years agoPost 24

Senior Heliman

Lancaster, PA. USA

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Thank you & conclusions

Thank you for your input. What I have gleaned from your collective wisdom is;
1/. Torque is more important than speed for cyclic and collective.
2/. Upgrade collective servo before cyclic.
3/. Digital servos benefit holding power.

Bearing in mind my starting point of 3x Futaba 3001 on my Raptor 30, I see that I have at least the following choices (wanting to stay with either Futaba or Hitec servos) in decending price and probably performance;

A/. 3x Futaba 9252 or 1x 9252 & 2x 9202.
B/. 3x Futaba 3050 (brand new unproven digital servo).
C/. 3x Hitec 5475 (sport digital)
D/. 3x Hitec 545

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ProModeler Scorpion Power
HelicopterThunder TigerOther › Servo choice for R50v2?
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