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middle earth

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O.k I'm sure this has been covered before did a search and couldn't really find what I was after, but I have just upgraded my mini to pro after flying for a few months on express now I don't know what transmitter settings I need I was using dual rates to control cyclic flip and roll, so I assume I set this back to default and use the agility slider?
Also I see tail gain is now done on the software so were do I set tail gain in my transmitter, or do I just turn it off?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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rrElite Veteran


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Use the software. You can use chanel to control tail gain. Don't mess with end points . If you want to change other setting on the gyro tru the TX. Then use bank switching. Using endpoints is not linear.

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rrKey Veteran

Northamptonshire, England

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You can still use your dual rates and exponential values to tune the models responses. With dual rates while it appears you will be reducing the travel values, in reality all you are doing is slowing down the amount of flip/roll rate you have in a degrees per second value. As the gyros are rate demand, our stick inputs are not commanding a specific pitch value to perform a flip/roll, but a value in degrees per second that the FBL controller then let's the model respond to.

I use a combination of the dual rates and exponential in my Tx, plus the settings available to me via the software to tune my models.

With the gyro gain, if you turn on bank switching this removes the ability to control the tail gyro gain from the Tx. as the channel is used to select the various banks.

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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsV-Bar › Vbar express to pro
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