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HelicopterCrashed? Discussion and Photos › Raptor 90SE "Drilled" in
02-19-2012 08:08 AM  5 years agoPost 1

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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I was flying along, practicing rolls, and the aileron servo failed.

I had just finished a left u-turn and was flying left to right, and the heli started doing clockwise aileron rolls (to the right) and I couldn't stop it.

I flew along in a more or less straight line with full left stick, getting lower and lower, and I finally hit t-hold and let it go in.

When I got to the wreck, the engine will still turning over at a fast idle - so I pinched it off and started to survey the damage.

It tore off the 4 mounting feet off the front & back frame, bent the landing skid all to hell, broke the CYB Stick Bangers and bent the flybar. "Lucky" for me, the heli hit skid-down on one of its rolls - I think it would have been worse if it had hit head first.

Before I shut off the radio, I checked to see if the RX & satellites were blinking - nope, still solid.
Then I wiggled the sticks, and saw that the aileron servo was stuck full-lock to the right. So I tried to move the wheel - and I couldn't move it - it was like it was commanded to be at full lock.

After I turned off the radio, I could move the servo by hand - no problems. No roughness or grinding.
As soon as I turned on the radio - hard over.

It was a Align DS610 running on a Scott Gray Reactor II set at 6.0v - so it wasn't above spec on the voltage.
And, it was relatively new - less than 20 flights on it.
Now, I am mad. I though the Align stuff was okay - I guess it isn't that good.

No pixs of the damage.
$150 for airframe, $120 for new blades plus at least one servo.
I already use the JR DS8717 for collective. Maybe I'll get two more of those for the pitch & roll.

02-19-2012 08:32 AM  5 years agoPost 2


North Denver, Colorado

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Sorry to hear of your crash my friend. Unfortunately, any brand can fail. Usually electronics will fail within their first hour of operation and then after that they can be called 'reliable' except for the oddballs. I usually bench test any new electronics for a few hours just to make sure all is well before putting them in flight service.

To date I have had a spektrum receiver that went bad after an hour of just being on. I have had JR and Futaba servos go bad prematurely as well in flight causing either a crash or a scary moment. The best thing with JR is their 3 year warranty and service dept.

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HelicopterCrashed? Discussion and Photos › Raptor 90SE "Drilled" in
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