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Sanford, FL (Orlando area)

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My daughter pursuaded me to get a Facebook account. However, I don't really use it.

In today's email, a customer friended me. That's fine except when I tried to give it the OK, I was dragged into a whole line of what felt like BS from Facebook. E.g. about how accounts were hacked and I need to confirm I was me by 'confirming' my birthday and 'updating' my password, etc. The whole thing felt like a sham and I decide I don't like them having my birthdate information to sell to advertisers. Moreover, I didn't feel to changing my password. So I quit.

Is Facebook really necessary (or smart) for me? I mean for my business. Of course I know I can create a ficticious birthdate, but I don't like lying.

Anyway, you guys all know how to find me, e.g. via the website, email, or phone. And you all know I have your email address and phone numbers and also know I don't bother you with a bunch of BS. Am I missing the boat on this? Or did I just get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Thoughts?

John Beech
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02-12-2012 Over year old.

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NE, Pa. - USA

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Consider Twitter instead.

I use it to follow companies, alot of them who advertise here.
I'll look to see if anything is new, maybe specials going on.

If it's something I'm interested in, I'll click on the link
in their message. If not, I just ignore it.

Only takes a few seconds to scan thru the tweets.

02-15-2012 Over year old.



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I'm not on Facebook. My life is too fast paced and the whole world does not need to know what I am doing. I don't think you need to be on Facebook as a company. Companies that have forced to me to get to them via Facebook eventually send me to their website anyhow and you already have that.

02-17-2012 Over year old.

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Round Rock, Texas

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I am a Facebook junkie. Literally. I check it at least 50 times a day!! Our local group ( ) is on FB as well as both of our local clubs so I like to check in to see who's flying, when, where, etc...

Also, most of my family members are in another state and it's a cool way for them to see what my family is up to!!

Either you like FB or you don't!! I happen to LOVE it

Team me

02-17-2012 Over year old.

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Sanford, NC

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I am on Facebook... it's a great way for me to communicate with friends and family --- AND get offers and deals from my favorite companies who advertise on there.

Also, it's a great way to keep up on current news of your favorite companies since they don't always update their websites often enough

02-17-2012 Over year old.
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