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HelicopterStolen? Missing Helis or Equip › To help protect against theft...
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While I'm relatively new to this forum and as it seems that so many in the RC world are hobbiests more than professionals with regards to using their copters for business use, has anyone considered using GPS to track their devices?

We use RFID and GPS systems on just about all of our equipment and it helps cataloging, shrink, and tracking to determine where everything is, has gone, and should or should not be. When we had a T-Rex 700, I used a GPS system that was about $200 and $15/month. It certainly adds up from a cost perspective, but we used some of the data for various project runs and ultimately, if it was stolen (which it wasn't), we had the ability to get 60-second updates on it's location. The unit, which was about the size of a Tic-Tac box, was permanently fused to the inside of the unit and if removed, would basically ruin the entire aircraft.

Now with a Q700Pro, I have a new GPS tracker on the way that is a bit bigger in size that will be mounted in such a way that if it gets tampered with it'll render the aircraft inoperable and still allow us to track it from our phones and LEO.

Most decent devices will run about $100-$200 and require a monthly fee, but others will come with a higher initial cost in the $400-$500 range and have no monthly fee such that they can be activated as needed for a nominal fee at that time.

Hope that helps someone!

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Get a long stainless steel chain and wrap it around the helicopter and some furniture.
Use a couple of padlocks...that should do the trick...easy and cheap

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Stuff like this is probably handy on ultra-high-end equipment, but for the daily flyer I don't know about the costs. It'd almost be cheaper to buy a crap smartphone on eBay, get a pre-paid dataplan, install tracking software then clone the SIM and THEN stick that in your heli. (yeah yeah, but if you shrink wrap it and dangle some wires off it, theft turds probably wouldn't notice)


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I thought about getting a cheap Iphone off ebay and jailbreak it to work on an inexpensive carrier and register it with find my iphone app on the cloud. You could even remove the shell and shrink wrap the circuitry and mount it where it looked like a part of the heli electronics. This would work on a bigger heli and if they stole that and other things it would be easy to track.

Just a thought.

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I know it's an old thread but the following still applies. I'd do diligence to keep my stuff out of view and make the typical reasonable attempts to keep things from being stolen. I really believe in Karma. I've seen people really get smacked around. So, do your best to keep stuff safe and believe that if someone does manage to get some of your stuff, somewhere along the line life is going to smack them a good one. At least it helps me sleep better.

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HelicopterStolen? Missing Helis or Equip › To help protect against theft...
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