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HelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Updating the firmware GY701
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With the arrival of my CIU-2, I took the opportunity to update the GY701 Gyro to v1.10. There seems to be little (no) advice on exactly how to do it. Hope the following saves someone some time.

1)Install CIU-2 software before plugging in the CIU-2 to a USB port.

2)Edit the CIU-2 in Device Manager as per instructions. i.e Parity to Odd. Full details at

3)Plug in CIU-2, should be green LED if correctly installed.

4)Connect GY701 to CIU-2, via the S Bus socket Rin/SB

5)Connect a battery and switch to Gain channel input. Switched off.

6)Hold down +mode key, then switch on the battery power. The GY701 screen should read UPDATE READY.

7)Run the Update.exe file from the unzipped location on the PC.

8)PC then updates GY701.

9)Switch off battery power to GY701. Switch power back on and it should boot up to show new software installed v 1.10.

10)Having updated the software it should now be possible to use the new Data Copy Tool.

11)Install DCT software to your PC at a known location. Connect GY701 as above with switched battery power to Gain channel. The gyro sensor must be plugged into Gyro socket.

12)Switch on the battery power.

13)Run the GYlink.exe file. If all is well, the Dialogue box for Type will be blank and ID will contain a zero. Click the Read button. PC will ask for the location you wish to save to (with a GYR suffix). After reading, the Type box should display GY701 .and the ID box the same as your unit.

14) To Write from the file, follow steps above in (13), but click on Write instead of Read.

Seems a pity not to be able to view the settings nor edit, but it's a step in the right direction to be able to save the data.


 1 page 962 views POST REPLY
HelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Updating the firmware GY701
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