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HelicopterCrashed? Discussion and Photos › Not quite a crash!
11-25-2011 06:27 AM  5 years agoPost 1


Amherst, MA - US

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Today I was flying my 3D Frenzy around and then there was a nasty nasty sound, and suddenly it starts spinning hard. I kill'd the throttle, auto'd her down as best I could, and was fairly successful.

My "landing" broke half of my front landing skid, but that was it. I inspected my tail, and an entire blade grip was missing! Half of the tail rotor hub had apparently snapped clean off. Tail rotor hub was actually off the end of the tail shaft. Not sure if hub got loose, slid of shaft, and the imbalance at that point snapped the hub sending the blade flying, or if the blade went flying, causing all sorts of problems and getting the hub loose, but oh well, time to rebuild the tail and epoxy the skid.

Couldn't've gone much better for losing a tail blade

08-19-2012 08:29 AM  4 years agoPost 2

Senior Heliman

Asheville, NC

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I had a tail rotor assembly twist probably 65 or 70 degrees. It look wierd but I was still able to control and land the heli.

Do what has to be done

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HelicopterCrashed? Discussion and Photos › Not quite a crash!
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