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HelicopterAfter Market Accessories › Upgrade Motor, Flybar, and Battery for Blade 120 SR
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Ukiah, CA - USA

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The upgrade components for my Blade 120 SR came today and I got them installed.

I got the Xtreme Ball Bearing motor:

The MicroHeli aluminum/delrin/carbon fiber flybar system:

And the 20C battery (over the stock battery's 12C discharge rate):

Installation couldn't have been easier; I just broke in the motor for about a half-hour, unbolted the old one and bolted in the new one with some loctite. The motor connects to the 5-in-1 via a JST connector so that was even easier. The flybar replacement required the removal of just one screw to pull off the head assembly and switch out the flybars.

I did have a little toilet-bowl effect (TBE) with the new flybar at first, it wasn't rocking freely enough. A liberal blast of dry silicone spray solved that immediately though, thanks for the tip, Tye (Hawzzy)!

In flight, the flybar doesn't make much of a difference over the stock one, but I wasn't really expecting it to. With the stock flybar after about 100 flights the hole through center starts to wear and get wider, leading to vibrations and TBE; so I should avoid that with the aluminum one.

The motor/battery on the other hand makes a huge difference in flight. I can do what could be considered "punch-outs" now; nothing like a CP, but way more aggressive than just slowly drifting up like before the upgrade. I was afraid that a more powerful motor would mean more tail blowout, but the tail still holds very well, even if you goose it to full throttle.

The extra power also really helps when you get caught in your own rotor wash; rather than just fighting to maintain altitude with the stock motor, I can just slam the throttle and punch out of it with this motor. Same goes for the wind, its got more power to fly into a stiff breeze. One problem I have is that I need to mess with the throttle curve; with a linear curve, hovering is actually below mid-stick.

Anyway, I recommend all of these upgrades. The 120 SR is a great bird all on its own, completely stock; but if want a little more "oomph!" from it, these are great.

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HelicopterAfter Market Accessories › Upgrade Motor, Flybar, and Battery for Blade 120 SR
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