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04-06-2011 09:58 PM  6 years agoPost 1


Smithtown, NY - USA

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Anyone have any experience with ordering from Carbonxtreme? I placed an order 3 days ago, got an automated email, but they havent shipped, havent responded to my emails..

Im wondering if I should cancel and go elsewhere but I cant contact them to cancel the order.. kinda sucky..

any advise?

Hey, can I borrow that?

04-06-2011 10:06 PM  6 years agoPost 2
Justin Stuart (RIP)


Plano, Texas

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No need to worry. They are a good company to deal with.

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04-06-2011 10:26 PM  6 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Scottsdale, AZ

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Carbon Extreme = Avant. If I am not mistaken

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04-06-2011 11:35 PM  6 years agoPost 4


Waldorf, MD - USA

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Same thing happened to me, I contacted them on every username on every forum I could find after the "contact us" form got no response. When they finally responded it was only to scold me for using the forum ID to contact them (they blocked me so I could not respond to them), but did ship my stuff the next day. It was for an FX, so there was nowhere else to go for parts.
I'm going to leave what I originally typed, but apologize for remembering the tone of the response much differently than it was sent to me. I will add that I did try to respond to this message and could not, all I wanted to say was that I had sent a message to the correct e-mail address and it was not returned.

So please forgive me, I intended to be accurate, I guess as time goes by we internalize things differently than they happened, not my intention to mislead, but I felt much the same way as the OP did.
Dear Mr. Zager,

Sorry for the delay we missed that order.
Your order is being processed. It should ship in a couple of days.
Please direct your future communications to:


Customer Service


kazager wrote on 03-23-2010 06:04 PM:
Hi CarbonXtreme

Are you guys still in business. I would expect a response in less than a month when trying to buy parts. I'm really discouraged that I bought an expensive helicopter and can't get a response from the ONLY place that sells parts.

Flying $uck$...All of the money out of my bank account!

Flying $uck$...All of the money out of my bank account!

04-07-2011 04:28 AM  6 years agoPost 5


Commack, NY

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I just ordered stuff from them. it took a few days to ship but got all my stuff with no problem. Check your order status when you log in to the site.


04-07-2011 10:00 AM  6 years agoPost 6


Auckland,New Zealand

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If they published a phone number like every other company then problems like this one would not occur, so simple.

04-07-2011 02:53 PM  6 years agoPost 7


Hinckley, Leicesterhire, UK

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If they were set up as a retail outlet, then I could understand the frustration somewhat.
But they are not a retailer, they are a manufacturer, and so are not set up to deal with telephone orders from the public, etc. The CarbonXtreme website is only there as a final backup if all other retailers happen to be out of a product that someone needs.

The retailers out there that carry the product are the ones to use the phone to call up


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04-07-2011 10:34 PM  6 years agoPost 8


eastnorthport new york usa

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carbon xtreme

i just got my order, took about a week for the turn around , but i have no complaints everythings was packed great!

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