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I have just acquired my first scale model, 2nd hand. It's a Longranger with Hawk mechanics. Whilst the fuselage is fairly neat and tidy clearly it has been 'gone over' at some time in the past. This means that, apart from other things, the recessed lines of the door gaps, for example, are partly filled in in places.

As I look at the model I see it as an ideal starting project for scale detail. The only windows are the front cockpit ones, so the rest can be created into existing apertures. The apertures for the foot-well windows don't exist; only the outlines (again partly obscured by new layers of paint etc) show in the shell.

My idea is to (apart from adding lights) to complete the work on the windows. Replace the stick-on dog-house engine vents with fine gauze. Add exhausts (it's electric by the way). Detail the door gaps (probably by dark grey coaching lines (so need practice there!) and, yes, add rivet detail; tiny little ones more appropriate to the real thing.

All this obviously means that, in the first place, the mechanics will need to be removed, so will the existing windows. The the existing paint on the fuselage will need to be carefully removed and hopefully reveal the door gap recesses so that they can be very carefully cleaned out, where necessary.

Potentially I feel this could be a nice little looker if I can achieve all of this - plus adding aerials etc.

First question. Coaching lines (or revealing door gaps). Painted? Dark grey? Any comments or suggestions please will be welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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HelicopterScale Model RC Helicopters › Coaching lines etc.
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