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Hello every body

When i set up my Throttle Jokey gov i need to do a calibration, right?
When it said low stick i use idle position or total carburator close?

thanks for helping , i'm newbi for nitros..

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Right out of the manual:
Set the throttle and trim to the low (stopped) position < - Important
Set a linear, 0 to 100% throttle curve. Put the throttle trim to its low setting.

Then adjust your pushrod, throttle arm, and servo arm lengths so that you can fully open and close the throttle barrel without stalling the servo at either end of its travel. Get as close as you can with the endpoints set to 100%. You can use the endpoint adjustments to fine tune, just try to get as close to full open/close with the end points as close as you can to 100%.

Once you do that, then you're ready to calibrate.

Calibrate, beginning with the throttle stick AND trim at their LOW setting. After you enter the calibration mode, move the stick to full up, then back down again.

Exit the calibration mode, you're done.


BTW -- is this a TJ Pro governor, a RevMax limiter, or the Throttle Max unit that contains both features?

If it's the Throttle Max unit, after you've raised and lowered the throttle stick to calibrate it, if you exit the calibration mode with the stick still low, the unit will operate as a governor. If you raise the stick to full and then exit, you'll have it set to work as a limiter.


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HelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Throttle Jokey Pro RevMax
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