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09-06-2003 01:07 PM  14 years agoPost 1


upstate, NY

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Help please. I am trying to sort out all the different engines! Please tell me if my thinking is correct! I am guessing here!!

Ok, we have the old G230PUH. If my reasurch is correct, the major difference between that and the G23 aircraft engine is the ignition timeing and Pull start. (not being made any more)

Hanson mods for above make lots of power.

The new G260 is a big bore of the 230PUH.

G231? different head with different ports? still a 4 bolt head. larger carb. Different ignition timeing?

Is there a G261?

G230RC Car engine. heavy, 2 bolt head, makes more power, high in RPM. Does it have different ignition timeing? (what color is the crank coil?)

G260RC big bore kit for above

Any others??

My engine is a normal G230PUH case, modified to accept the G230 RC 2 bolt cyl. Thanks Larry Bergen!! (welding and grinding involved to get the transfer ports to work) The Ignition timeing is the same as the 230PUH.

A friend just put the 260RC big bore kit in his modified case, and leaves me in his rotor wake! (before my chopper was faster. He was running a Hanson equlivent 230PUH)

Both choppers are Bergen Gassers.

Any help, comments, what ever, on the above question would be GREAT!!



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09-10-2003 12:45 AM  14 years agoPost 2


Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

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G26 Improvements

Larger bore piston

Single ring piston

Different head design

Different spark plug

4 large boost ports

Large bore carburator

There is a little more to a G26 than a larger bore G230.


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HelicopterGasser Model RC HelicoptersOther › engine differences??
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