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09-03-2003 07:21 AM  14 years agoPost 1
Glenn in Den

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Try to stay with me . . . I have to tell this story so you don't think I'm nuts . . . but you're going to think I'm nuts anyway so here goes:

(Assume all helis talked about below are using a 9253 on the tail no matter what!)

I'm assembling two new helis: A Freya with a YS80 and a Raptor 50 with a TT50. When the price dropped on the 9252's, I quickly ordered 4 of them for the Freya. Several people "gasped" when they heard I was going to "waste" a 9252 on the throttle (even one of the heliproz guys). A local who fly's an X-Spec EXTREMELY well - contest quality - told me to use a 9202 on the throttle. He uses 3 9252's and a 9202 on his throttle and the X-Spec and Freya have a very similar control system. So I bought a 9202 on Ebay. The nice fella on Ebay offered to sell me 3 more if I wanted them.

So to make a long story even longer . . . . I have an extra 9252. But then along comes the new Raptor 50 and I think to myself "hmmm . . . I can use the 9252 on the collective and buy the extra 3 9202's for the rest." But alas the nice fella on Ebay tells me he only has 2 more after all. I remember once hearing the Hitec 525BB was a great throttle servo so I bought one to replace the now missing 9202.

Now I haven't flown either of these yet . . . . I'm still in the setup and tweaking phase. . . . . I notice on the Raptor that the Hitec is significantly slower than the now wicked fast 9252 powered collective on an abrupt input. Then I notice on the Freya that the 9202 is just as slow when pitted against those 9252's (man, those servos are SWEET). On a normal stick input, it doesn't look that dramatic . .. . but crank on that collective and it's the "hair and the tortoise" (the way it was "supposed" to go, anyway).

Am I worrying too much about this travel speed difference? Or should I take the Freya 9202 throttle servo and swap it with the 9252 Raptor collective servo? That would give me an all 9252 Freya and a 3 9202 Raptor with a compatible throttle servo.

What do you think? If I leave it the way it is will that speed difference make either one bog? They're both overpowered for their respective weights anyway.

On paper, all of the servos appearing in the above convoluted mess have what seem to be similar speeds and adequate or better torque. It's hard to imagine fractions of seconds making that much difference . . . . but actually watching them move is very telling. Try it sometime! I'm also wondering if the digital vs analog is in play here. Those digitals seem so eager . . .like they're reving their engines, waiting for the green light. Next to the 9252's, the 9202's look like a couch potato trying to get up for another beer on a commercial.


Glenn in Den.

09-03-2003 07:38 AM  14 years agoPost 2
Al Magaloff


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Glen, nice novel! The answer depends on where your flying is at. If you are doing rainbows, or hard tic-tocs, you would probably notice a difference. Also, keep in mind, that working against flight loads, the collective probably slows down some.

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HelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Servo follies - Okay, this is going to make you dizzy
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