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Hey guys,

I'm designing a set of biofeedback workout weights for sufferers of inappropriate sinus tachycardia and other similar arrhythmias (like myself).

I'm looking for some cardiac professionals that might be able to give me some advice on the concept...which is...

Resistance weights for running and other aerobic activity with a built in heart rate monitor, mammalian diving reflex generator, and emergency antiarrhythmiatic medication capsule for containing any medications one might have.

The idea is that you can view your HR, see how it's doing, and adjust your workout to keep it in a healthy zone. if IST symptoms occur, you can trigger an electronically cooled metal area on the device that you hold to your forehead, causing the mammalian diving reflex which lowers HR, or also in emergencies, treating oneself with medication.

Data can be logged and sent to a specialist to help diagnose more potentially dangerous issues. (which would require the auxiliary use of other nodes?)

We used to experiment with the mammalian diving reflex in bio class, taking turns putting our face in cold water. it's amazing how quickly it works. I want other sufferers to be able to exercise as confidently as I can, while also helping doctors diagnose other issues that could be dangerous.

The major concept point is that many IST sufferers are not in danger, but their symptoms create anxiety and loss of confidence, which keeps them from maintaining healthy lifestyles. This device is not a treatment, but a means of awareness and hopefully a better lifestyle.


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HelicopterOff Topics › School Research Help: Seeking Cardiac professionals...
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