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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsOther › Trex-600ESP gone flybarless with v-bar 4
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Yes, it's an overdue task. I bought the Outrage flybarless head, then I bought the gyrobot 700, didn't like it, sold that, then bought a vstabi v-bar 4 system for it, and here I am, a happy camper with my flybarless Trex-600ESP

The Trex-600ESP has an additional gyro tray, so I'm able to hide the v-bar box and the sensor underneath the boom. That way, I won't have to fight to get off the gyro tape when I need to remove the tail boom for any reason. I was a little concerned at first about the short wires that come with the v-bar. The gyrobot 700 came with the much longer wires. However, with this setup, I found out that it's not an issue at all. It's a bit of a pain to put them in there with the short wires though, but once they're in there, it's cleaner with short wires. I did have to use the 3" servo extension cables for the two aileron servos that sit all the way in the front.

Having owned both the gyrobot and the v-bar, I think I'm much better off with the v-bar. Yes, it's a little less money for the gyrobot, but the configuration interface is like back in the mainframe days with blue screen and white text. You have to carefully use the sticks to set the values and it can be a b&^*! to set a nice even number because the stick is so sensitive. For v-bar, enter a value and hit enter.

And the autotrim in v-bar, yes it works and I love it

Another great feature is, for the first time FBL setup like this, if I'm in doubt, go grab a few v-bar files from others that are generous enough to post in the forums, so just download, check out their values, compare, fly, set again, etc.

I'm currently on 6s with stock 600ESP electronics. I'm running -+14 degree pitch and I can see that the motor is bogging during climb-out and quick forward flips, although nose-up tictoc seems to be okay. I think I'll reduce down to -+13 pitch to help out the motor, or probably go 8s later

I want to thank Anthony (Jag72), MrMel, Terrabit and others for their posts and answers in the forums and in private for the questions that I have during my quest to a FBL solution


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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsOther › Trex-600ESP gone flybarless with v-bar 4
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