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HelicopterHIROBOOther › Servo Mount Broke
03-16-2003 06:35 AM  15 years agoPost 1


Erie, PA

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Yesterday out flying with the Sceadu, and a few minutes into it, the TR boom mount broke. I am using a purple DBC mount from Heliproz, and have had it for a few months, no problems at all. It was the plate that the servo mounts to, and it broke in half thru the upper servo mount holes. Broke clean thru. I was able to save the heli that time, but in my eagerness to get back in the air, I repaired the plate with a few backup plates I made and bolted it all back together. 5 min into the next flight, just hovering around, it broke again, same exact spot. This time it took out everything on the heli, except the electronics and engine. I called HP and they said that they have never heard of that happening. They offered to replace it right away, but since the heli is down for more parts, I declined, but much appreciated the offer. Anyway, the heli is completely smooth, no vibes at all, at any speed. Has anyone found anything similar, and what did it break? I am going back to the stock TR setup from now on, just to be safe. The heli wasn't crashed with that new mount b4 it broke, so I know it wasn't prior damage, it is obviously vibration fatigue, but there is none visible. Any ideas out there?

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03-16-2003 02:05 PM  15 years agoPost 2


New England

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you may not think or see vibrations but
they're there.

Thats why I wouldn't buy a flat-esque
mount like that. They eventually crack,
just like alot of the pretty metal header
tank brackets.

03-16-2003 03:59 PM  15 years agoPost 3



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According to the radio manufacturers the point at which the boom attaches to the pod is the worst place to mount the tail rotor servo. Futaba reccomends that you move the servo mount about an inch away from the pod on the boom for best results.
Hope this helps

Mechanical Engineer

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HelicopterHIROBOOther › Servo Mount Broke
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