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HelicopterBeginners Corner › Almost finished building my raptor
03-15-2003 10:58 PM  15 years agoPost 1


Rockford M.I.

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Thanks guys for all the info that I was able to use when building my raptor 30v2 , all I have left to do is to set the blades and Install the servo's and radio I GUESS !!!!! I have a couple of great people here in Grand Rapids that have been so helpful. I have never done anything in RC and really I cant wait just to start up the motor. If you have any suggestions on what to do next, or a check list that I should do before, that would be great. Also is there anything special that I should do to the canopy if I wanted to spray paint it.


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03-16-2003 02:43 AM  15 years agoPost 2
Al Magaloff


12,199 Posts- Enough Time Wasted. See Ya!

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Do a search here on painting the Raptor canopy. It is a high effort, multi step process. A better way to go is vinyl graphics from

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03-16-2003 04:36 AM  15 years agoPost 3


cape coral fl.

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i know what ya mean scarey and exciting all at the same time but it is a fun hobby i also have never had any other rc stuff started right off with heli's what fun .

check list :

throttle function make sure it is moving correctly and full range
set a throttle hold and throttle kill switch ( first mishap and yuor heli won't beat it self to death)
oh and not that there will be a mishap but more then likely it not if i crash it just a matter of when and how bad ..

set up a mild pitch range for starting not alot of neg pitch so you don't pull it into the ground while your starting out .. <-- my opinion mine was set that way and worked good very little or no neg pitch so throttle all the way down will not slam down still has a slight bit of lift ..

that is all i know from my limitied experiance prolly a few better ideas and opinions just my .02 cents for what it worth ..

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03-16-2003 10:18 AM  15 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Southern Illinois

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Your going to love your Raptor!! Keep us posted after the first flight.

03-16-2003 10:52 PM  15 years agoPost 5


Erie, PA

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Vinyl alternatives
Hey Dadman,
Rotorgraphics stuff is really nice but check out Tiki design for some alternatives.


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HelicopterBeginners Corner › Almost finished building my raptor
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