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HelicopterEngines Plugs Mufflers Fuel › Starting the engine with the flick of a switch..
03-15-2003 08:23 PM  15 years agoPost 1


Clovis, CA - USA

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Wouldn't it be cool to be able to start your heli's engine remotely from your radio? I mean then you wouldn't have to carry around the starter and stuff to the field to fly. Just grab your heli and radio, get to the park, and start flyin- no questions asked.

The advantages of this I think are:
Safe starting- if something goes wrong, your not in the way!
Don't have to carry the extra equipment for starting
Your flying and your engine shuts off- start it again in the air!!

I mean if you look at it, you don't have to keep a huge starter in your garage to start your car everytime, its just with the twist of a key.

If you think about it the New Traxxas T-Maxx has a built in starter and glow plug ignitor. All you do is stick the "E-Z starter" in, which is just the battery basically for the starter, and it turns the motor, providing power for the glow plug at the same time. With in advance in that design, I'm sure its possible to install that extra battery in the heli itself.

Im sure your probably guessing "wouldn't that be dangerous" if say the engine would start in your house unexpectedly due to a malfunction in the electronics. But there could always be switch on the heli to cut the power to the starter battery that would have to be turned on and off between flights.

Think about it- .. vroom!! vroom!!!


03-15-2003 10:14 PM  15 years agoPost 2



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Yeah that would be excellent. Suppose it would add quite a bit of weight as well. You'd need quite a powerful motor and battery though, the Traxxas EZ start is only turning over a 15. Imagine what you'd need to start a 90 ! Also, its just something else to go wrong .

03-15-2003 10:21 PM  15 years agoPost 3



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it would be great for a scale heli !!


Buzz Buzz Buzz

03-16-2003 01:21 AM  15 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Southern Illinois

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The gas motors also have onboard starting now. It runs around 300 for unit.

03-16-2003 03:00 AM  15 years agoPost 5

rrElite Veteran

Northern California - Fly at Morgan Hill Field

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The problem with those is that while you don't have to worry about starter equipment, you do have to worry about extinguishing equipment. Every time I have seen a turbine heli, I have also seen one or two guys with serious fire extinguishers standing by!!

03-16-2003 07:52 AM  15 years agoPost 6


Borlänge, Sweden

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The sound after they flick the flip... awesome.

'Hm now I just have to find out where to connect the GV1 sensor to the Jazz80 ESC.

03-16-2003 08:22 AM  15 years agoPost 7

rrKey Veteran

San Diego, CA

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I think the on-board starting equipment is more attractive to scale folk who aren't very worried about squezing every bit of vertical climb performance out of their ships as they can.. the neccessary batteries and motors have to add some considerable weight..

03-16-2003 09:46 AM  15 years agoPost 8

rrKey Veteran

New Zealand

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Have electric start on a small glow engine onboard that has a reduction gear with one way clutch that you use to start the main engine, if you could remotly decompress the main engin eyou could have a even lighter starting engine.
a lot lighter than the nessacary battery / starter combination nessacary for a big block. Older bulldozers used the same system, a pull start petrol for starting the main desiel , used to be a trick question, "name the desiel that uses petrol for starting".

Regards Don

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HelicopterEngines Plugs Mufflers Fuel › Starting the engine with the flick of a switch..
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