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HelicopterBeginners Corner › Autorotation gears?? I'm confused!
03-12-2003 08:32 AM  14 years agoPost 1


Broomfield, CO Elevation 5420'

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Sorry, I have another dumb newbie question:

Can anyone explain what I need for my Raptor 30v2, if anything, to do autos? Do I have to install some special gear/hub/clutch I keep hearing about?

I'd appreciate it if anyone can sort this out, and WHY would be good, too. I'd like to know why I can't just kill the throttle and flare out of it. What magic do these devices present that isn't inherent in the basic design of the R30v2, or any heli for that matter...


03-12-2003 08:57 AM  14 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Kouvola, Finland

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Your Raptor has an autorotaion gear, it is the freewheel device that allows the blades to turn without any input form the engine. When you land the hlei and shut off the motor, you must have noticed that the main blades keep spinning for some time. That is the auto in action. No need to buy anything. Hope this saves you some money!

David S., Kouvola, Finland

03-12-2003 10:18 AM  14 years agoPost 3
Al Magaloff


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Chris, the unit you keep hearing about, drives the tailblades during an auto. This feature is used for aerobatic autos. This feature is best suited to a larger helicopter that has more energy for autos.

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03-16-2003 04:41 AM  14 years agoPost 4


cape coral fl.

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ya not autorotation gears but constant drive tail it replaces the red gear that drives your tail rotor and make it spin any time the main blades are turning helps give control during autos but not a must have item ..

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HelicopterBeginners Corner › Autorotation gears?? I'm confused!
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