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HelicopterClassifieds - Fuel Helicopters Sold  Bergan Observer and lots of extras
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A while back I saw this helicopter on eBay, and being a video camera operator I thought it would be cool to do a side business doing aerial video work. The original owner built the ship and flew it twice. He soon realized that this was not a toy to just fly around the backyard and put it up for sale. This is a serious craft and should be flown with great care. When I got the heliocopter I had planned to find a pilot to fly while I operated the video servos. This thing will lift 8lbs.. more then enough to outfit with high-end or broadcast quality DV video equipment. That was a couple of years ago and with my first child on the way, I don't think I am going to find the pilot or time to get it in the air. It comes with a ton of spare parts and a detailed manual on how it goes together. In fact the previous owner worked with Chris Bergen to put the manual together. It has the higher output Zenoah G230 engine. All servos are included (including the camera tilt and pan arms) Not being a R/C helio expert I will try to answer your questions the best I can. Also if you are thinking about getting a serious commercial camera platform like this I would do a Google search and look at what this ship can do. The Tampa FL cops are trying to use this helicopter for aerial low-altitude patrols.. It is heavy duty. Also comes with RealFlight simulator software. Gen2. Hook up your handset to your PC and train for real flight. I am told the Sim software can get you close to having the skills to fly. But I will say, if you are looking for a toy copter to buzz around the yard, this is NOT FOR YOU. This thing will slice you wide open. If you went to Bergen's site


you will see that to get a new ship like this with servos and high-end will pay between $4500 and $6000 depending on configuration. I am wanting a lot less then that. Good luck.

Length: 52"
Height: 17 -1/2"
Weight: 16 lb.
Main Blade Size: 800 mm
Tail Blade Size: 95 mm
Gear Ratio: 7.5:1 - 4.67:1
Fuel Tank: 16 oz.
Engine: Zenoah G-230 Included

I will not discuss shipping cost until sale is complete. I will have to break down parts of the helicopter and with accessories put in two to three boxes. Until someone buys the ship, I not breaking it down.

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HelicopterClassifieds - Fuel Helicopters Sold  Bergan Observer and lots of extras
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