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HelicopterRadio - Spektrum DSM › AR7000 startup problem, Fast blink !! SOLVED !!
11-29-2007 11:34 PM  10 years agoPost 1


Orlando Florida ...28N 81W

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Here is a problem I thought I had with my DX7 – AR7000. When I switched on the recv (after xmit was on) sometimes I would just get a very fast blink from the AR7000 LED. Turn on and off the recv several times and I would eventually get the recv to work. Once it was working it was rock solid. Then after adding a new piece of electrical equip to my helicopter I couldn’t get the recv to work at all, just fast blink. Unplug the new equip and power up recv and it works…

Here is what I finally had to do.....
Removed the switch and shortened the wiring from battery to recv and no more fast blink, rock solid recv startup every time.
My guess is the high speed servos pull a big slug of current during power on and would glitch the power to the recv. Long wires and switch added enough resistance the recv could not get started.

Any way, if you have trouble getting your recv to come on properly and you see a very fast blink rate, shorten your wires or use really heavy duty wires. I’m leaving my switch out, just plug and unplug the battery into a very short extension to the recv batt connection.

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11-30-2007 07:16 AM  10 years agoPost 2


Swalmen, the Netherlands

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I had some similar issues with my old setup.
strange unexplanable glitches. Mostly in pitch or throttle.
Turned out to be the switch.
Since then I use "frying pan" switches that can switch many many amps...
Removing the switch was not my choice because the connectors and leads will suffer from disconnecting an connecting every flight.

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HelicopterRadio - Spektrum DSM › AR7000 startup problem, Fast blink !! SOLVED !!
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