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There was another thread on the Switch Glo that was closed.

I had previously posted two methods of programming the 12Z to prevent activation of the glow plug in the Idle Up modes to alleviate hot starts.

I have come up with a better method that allows a max throttle setting to disable the Switch Glo, even in Normal mode. I'm sure that for the better 12Z programmers, this is child's play but it took me a while.

By using two programmable mixes (both mixing throttle to Aux 1) linked to switch F, one on in one position of the switch & the other in the other position, and using a "Line" curve for the on position, you can adjust the off/on position of the Switch Glo by moving two points on the mixing Line curve.

I set mine up to allow the Switch Glo to be activated at 5% throttle or less.

For throttle positions -90% and less (less than 5% overall throttle), set the rate to -100%. I then used a point at -89.5% that was set to a rate of +100%. At any throttle settings greater than -89.5%, the rate of +100% effectively disables the Switch Glo from activation.

For the "off" position of switch F, use the "Linear" curve, set the rates to 0% and the offset to 100%. This effectively shuts the Switch Glo off when switch F is in the off position.

The only other thing that I had to do was set the end point limits on Aux 1 to 100% because under certain conditions the servo monitor indicated that Aux 1 went to 135%. I'm still not certain why.

It works great & it's now impossible to hot start.

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HelicopterMain Discussion › 12Z Programming for Switch Glo
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