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HelicopterMain Discussion › panic over Century order ...what do I do?
08-09-2007 07:37 AM  10 years agoPost 1


Wellington, New Zealand

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Hey guys and girls

Sorry to bug you all on my problems and im sure this may not be atopic for the main discussion but ............

I have purchased a Airwolf.60 fuse via century. As this was my first order and I wanted it to go through with no errors.
I contacting one of there sales reps to order the item. He was very helpful and after sending copys of my credit card details and making sure there was shipping insurace on the item, he advised it would be shipped on the day and the tracking numbers will be sent on the following day
( 26 july) since then the payment has gone out but I have heard nothing

I have sent Numbers of e-mails just to know the most basic of questions but no answers as of yet

All I want to know is
- Has it been sent
- what the tracking Number is
- Eta on arrival ( is it by sea or air)

Im going to try and call again but as of yet I can't get through

what should I do ??????? Wait and see if it hopfully arrives or Call Visa and check out options of getting back my Money ( I know this may sound drastic but it's been two weeks and about 5-6 e-mails with no reply....sounds to me like im being ripped....but I could be wrong)

Any help or opinions would be great or comments on who has delt with them before

I want it to be clear im in no way wanting to poke at Century or diss them but just need answers! for all I know it could arrive tomorrow or it may never arrive


 1 page 433 views
HelicopterMain Discussion › panic over Century order ...what do I do?
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