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Hey all. I'm new to electrics but not new to heli's. I got a few questions. I bought a used MX450 and I'm in the process of getting things together for it. I have a JR radio and servos and I just need a few odds and ends for it.

First off, I have a spare JR R600 receiver. Can I use that? Is a micro receiver really needed?? Seems like it'll fit fine in the frame and weight shouldn't be an issue at all.

I'm assuming that the battery and speed control will provide power for the receiver to run the servos?????

Thanks all

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welcome to (cool world of) electrics.

1. you can use any rx you like. micro rx's are better because of weight. secondly, using a PCM or DSP (like berg) rx's in electric can work as insurance. These small electrics have major noise generating devices cramped in a small space and rx's are always in vicinity of one or the other such devices.

2. Yes your power setup ESC and Lipo will power your rx (and in turn your servos & gyro). It is a good idea to have a ESC with about 2.5Amp BEC(Battery Eliminator Circuit - this eliminates the requirement of seperate power supply for rx). Else, the BEC can overheat and burnout without warning.

These machines are really fun. hope you enjoy it.

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