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11-23-2006 10:22 PM  11 years agoPost 1


princeville hi

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I am the proud owner of a draganflyer 5 t pro. I have logged many hours on the simulator and I can fly the real heli without crashing as long as I am only a few feet high. The problem is it takes too long to trim it and it never just sits there with no input if TI is enabled. Do any of you have a suggestion on how to quickly trim and how stable should it be? The ads say that if you get in trouble, just let go and it will go into a hover. I am never close to that. Thanks for your help. Jack

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11-24-2006 09:34 AM  11 years agoPost 2


Hayward, CA

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You should be able to trim it while hovering. You may be hovering too low to adjust it. You need to be at least 20 feet in the air to trim it. The DF will not sit in one spot even with the stabilization enabled. Also, the stabilization will not work if it cannot see the horizon. If you get disoriented (which is very easy since it looks the same from every angle), letting go of the sticks will level it and give you time to figure out which way it is pointing.

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Joliette, QC, Canada

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There is a dedicated forum about RcToys products on RcUniv.
Here is the link:
(sorry if you already knew it )

The DF is very sensitive to wind (even a little breeze) with the stock blades and I'll suggest you to buy some carbon blades for your DF for outside flying. You'll see the difference, the heli is more stable and it's easier to trim it (stabilization off for sure).


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HelicopterAerial Photography and Video › draganflyer 5 T Pro
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