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11-24-2006 01:18 AM  11 years agoPost 21


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Got it, and I think I agree, however, I was more diving into different types of mixing, E and M.

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11-24-2006 10:43 PM  11 years agoPost 22

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Sorry I kinda skimmed though the replies - I seen this in the first post and wanted to kinda correct it if it hasn't been already
uses the Collective servo to tilt the aileron servo as to move the swash plate up and down. (not quite mCCPM, becouse there is no elevator mixing)
This indeed is a form of mCCPM as the aileron servo is a cyclic component mechanically mixed into a collective pitch function - It doesn't need to also include the elevator component to be mCCPM - One cyclic component mixed with the collective pitch function will fulfill the definition of the term.


Your diagram looks like just another mCCPM version to me as well at first glance - Very interesting - But it looks like your elevator function will always be coupled with aileron so no elevator only axis? Or is there also an electronic mix between elevator and aileron to isolate the elevator function from the aileron? If this is the case then it would be a mCCPM with the addition of an electronic cyclic isolation mix (eCIM?).

Nice try though.

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HelicopterMain Discussion › mCCPM - I think
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