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HelicopterMain Discussion › Who has the biggest R/C heli on the market or homemade?
02-07-2006 05:22 PM  12 years agoPost 21
Louisiana Helicam

rrKey Veteran

West Monroe, LA

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This hobby has undergone more changes in the last few years than ever before. Many searches simply become outdated after a while. There was nothing out of line about Pistol_Pete's question nor was it one that happens often. I'm on here fairly often and can't recall anyone asking this question recently.

Here's what I do when I do see a question that has been overasked though...I simply either answer it based on my knowledge of the question and the amount of time that I have at the moment...or I SHUT MY TRAP and move on.

Now, to quit wasting any more time on a thread that should have been simple and fun from the start...Pistol_Pete, to my knowledge, the Yamaha RMAX is the largest RC helicopter that I've heard of. I'm sure the military has some interesting UAV's to read about.

02-07-2006 05:30 PM  12 years agoPost 22
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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thanks for those that backed me up.

I will take blame for not being more precise on the question as I meant it to be for helis available to the public. A search rendered nothing fruitful and or up to date as mentioned.

I know better next time to just report it to the web host instead of getting into it with a fred flintstone.

Seems that one has to thread lightly in order to not step on anyones sensitive toes around here.

~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~

02-07-2006 06:20 PM  12 years agoPost 23



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I always find it amusing that here, in a forum...which I thought was for asking questions and conversing with fellow hobbyists, That people can actually be upset about someone posting anything that has been posted before.. How exactly is searching through 500 posts with the keywords, or in Pistol_Pete's case, looking for accurate dimensions in these posts easier than having the right helpful member give them a accurate 2 word reply??

Take heed in thy rotor speed, Lest the Earth reach up and smacketh thee!!

02-07-2006 06:36 PM  12 years agoPost 24
Bayou Talker


Bridgeport, AL USA

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It was very easy to see what this thread was about without opening it at all. If you do not find it worth your time to give a reasonable answer why did you open it in the first place?? There is no rule or law that requires you to open and read all posts nor is there any requirement to post a reply to all of them. If you don't want to be bothered with what you consider non-intelligent posts I suggest that you refrain from looking at them in the first place. Or is the problem that you don't have enough knowledge of the subject on your own to offer a real answer?

Cliff Hebert

02-07-2006 11:44 PM  12 years agoPost 25

rrElite Veteran


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hey let me know if you can find the link to the fullsize r/c cobra, I can't find it, I want one of those!

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HelicopterMain Discussion › Who has the biggest R/C heli on the market or homemade?
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