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HelicopterHenseleit 3DNT - Rocket - 3DMP › 3D mp 50 or Electric??? need your point of view
11-13-2005 07:32 PM  12 years agoPost 1



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I would like to heard your feed back for the 3D mp E or 50.

I ve heard than the E & 91 version are very "hot", and the 50 isn't really interesting ...

I m good pilot but i consider me like a beginner in fly/3D ( roll, loop and a little of inverted stationary), so i thing the E & 91 are to violent for me

Do you thing the 50 version is sufficient for me?



YoDa - Heli Pro tornado 91

11-13-2005 09:11 PM  12 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Irvine (UCI), Ca

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I don't think their power is really going to affect how good of trainer they are. I could say a counterpoint, in that extra power helps you get out of bad situations, where you can just slam collective in, and it pops out. I think the decision you need to make is if you want electric or glow. Personally, i'm an advocate of electric, as it's quieter and doesn't smell. Con against electric are slow charging, the typical need for more then one battery pack, cost both in batteries and therefore crash cost. You seem like you're progressing into more advanced aerobatics, and so power is always a good thing. If you go for electric, the 3dmp-e is of course your only choice ( if you want the 3dmp). For choosing between the 91 or 50... that i can't help you

Rhett..... I can't fly, but the Profi sure can.

11-14-2005 10:27 AM  12 years agoPost 3


Berwick,Victoria, Australia

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i have both elestric and nitro 50 size

the electric is really good but the nitro 50 is a little slower

and yes you do need two batteries packs for the electric then you can fly 8 minutes flight then have a break for 30 mins and fly another 8mins while i top the other battery up this way i can fly all day

i will sell my electric if your interested

Cheers Dale

ENV - Still laying it down !….Ohhh yeh !!!

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HelicopterHenseleit 3DNT - Rocket - 3DMP › 3D mp 50 or Electric??? need your point of view
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