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Fun Time J


Illinois baby!

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One day on the Eiffel tower, two people were having tea on the restaraunt.

Then one says to the other,"do you know what, if you jump off from this floor and fall, by the time you reach the fourth floor you will build up so much velocity that you'll float back upwards to the top"

The other man disagreed, and to prove his point, the first man ran to the edge and jumped. And just as he said, when he reached the fourth floor, he began to float upwards to were he had jumped.

Believing it to be a fluke, the second man told him to do it agin. And the same time happedned. Believing that he could make some easy money, the second man decided to give it a try. He fell past the ninth floor... eightth floor... seven floor... sixth floor... fifth... fourth... third...second then splat... he had hit the pavement.

Then a waiter came up to the first man and said," You know what superman, you are a real A$$shole when you're drunk"

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