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12-11-2004 05:45 PM  13 years agoPost 1


cumbria uk

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Ive got my raptor 50 almost built now.

When powering up the servos the 9254 servo is twitching a lot. Is this normal.? Im using a 401 gyro and jr-378 transmitter. If I operate the rudder stick on the transmitter i seem to get very little movement on the servo.

Does anyone have any tips for setting things up with the jr tx. Ive tried raptor technique but hes using a different tx.

thank you


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12-11-2004 05:55 PM  13 years agoPost 2


Oakthorpe, Midlands, UK.

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The small amount of travel is probably due to you being in Heading hold mode, its a characteristic of HH that the servo will act strange on the ground.
After the gyro has booted switch to rate mode (Non HH) to set up your travel limits ect, in rate mode the servo wont act strange and will allow full stick travel.
Adjust your servo travel limits with the pot on the gyro, the Rudder atvs on your Tx will adjust your piro rate ( not how far the servo travels)

As far as the servo twitching ... is your Rx PPM or PCM?
The digi seros are noisy and PPM picks this up and manifests itself as this twitching around centre.


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HelicopterMain Discussion › 401/9254 Combo Set up
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