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A guy is driving along the freeway in Los Angeles, and as he
Reaches downtown, he finds himself in the middle of a massive traffic jam that is
Blocking up five different freeways and sending lines of cars back for miles in
All directions. After a while, he notices a guy walking from car to car down the
freeway, stopping and talking to people through their car windows. When the
guy reaches him he rolls down his window and says, -Hey!
What's causing all this delay? The guy on the freeways says, Well, you're not going to believe
this, but OJ Simpson has sat down in the middle of the freeway intersection up
there, and he's totally distraught, and he says there's no way he can ever pay
the 35 million he owes the Goldmans and the Browns, and so he's threatened
to douse himself in gasoline and light himself on fire if people don't give
enough money sufficient to cover the cost of the judgment. So I've taken
up a collection to try to end the traffic jam. How much have you gotten so far?

About ten gallons.

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