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HelicopterAerial Photography and Video › To SLR or not to SLR???
12-10-2004 12:53 AM  13 years agoPost 1


Crosby, Texas

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I have done quite a few aerial jobs with a Sony DSC P-10 (5.0M) and have been very happy with results (check the web site I have noticed that a bunch of you guys are using SLR type cameras, what is the advantage, besides the higher megapixil? More settings? I use mine in high speed shutter mode (Don't know the speed) and vary rarly get blury pics (1 out of 40). I also have it set on continual focus, burns that batt. quicker, but I can take a pic about 1 a second......

My question is....Is there any advantage of SLR type camera over my point and shoot?



12-10-2004 01:22 AM  13 years agoPost 2


San Diego, CA

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Well, for conventional photography, there's a lot more advantages with an SLR than for this type of aerial photography.

The most noteworthy advantages would be:
* Less CCD-noise in the pictures (due to larger CCD sensor)
* Ability to change lenses
* More "sturdy". Will probably survive a crash better (depending on the camera though)

And, of course, there's a lot more setting that you can fine-tune for optimum picture-quality, but I wouldn't set that as a big of an advantage over the above points.

Shooting in RAW format also helps a lot, but alot of compacts are getting that as well.

Also, don't judge a camera by how many pixels it produces. More pixels only translates into how big of an enlargement you make from the cam. 3Mpixels would cover 98% of all the pictures I take as a pro photographer. It's just for those last 2% I need equipment for over $10000


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HelicopterAerial Photography and Video › To SLR or not to SLR???
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