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HelicopterMain Discussion › What's Best eCCPM, mCCPM or normal?
12-10-2004 08:30 PM  13 years agoPost 21
Raptor Rulezzz

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There is no substitute for pure brute speed and strength on a collective servo!
Yeah! That's why I love the KO PROPO 2123

I've flown my R50 with mCCPM and with eCCPM (right now, with the XeroG frames) and the main difference between those is weight.... the CF frames are a bit lighter, but I DO GET SOME INTERACTION on full negative... not much, but it wasn't there with the mCCPM setup.

Just get mCCPM, better & easier imho (if used with a kick-ass pitch servo!!!)



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12-11-2004 12:48 PM  13 years agoPost 22

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Yes I believe that would cure the problem if the response was fast enough.

But again, now we add more electronics (Futaba I presume ) to an already too complex system to fix a problem that, dispite your brand new $2200 Windows based PC/radio/MP3 player is still a problem. The cure would be to use a proper mix system that would decrease your cost and increase your precision at the cost of the mfg's profits. Which do you suppose will happen first?

It all seems pretty silly to me. Who is driving the market anyway, we the consumers or the mfg's?

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12-11-2004 05:42 PM  13 years agoPost 23



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taya, designer of the raptor series once said, "only people who can't design good mCCPM systems will design a eCCPM system". interesting to note too that the Eagle 3WC, used by hashimoto seems to be an advanced mCCPM machine

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HelicopterMain Discussion › What's Best eCCPM, mCCPM or normal?
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