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HelicopterMain Discussion › high freq tail shakes...what the?????
11-08-2004 01:35 AM  13 years agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Durham, NC

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Hi all,
Flying with the Voyager 50 today, everything was sweet.
All of a sudden at about 45 feet, we see something fall off the heli after hitting the tail blades and breaking to pieces.
I hit hold and auto'ed in.
It turns out that it was the vertical fin.
Hmmmm. I know I locktited that thing down.
BTW, I am using the HG tail case for JR helis.
SO anyway, I check everything out and decide that I need to fly more, so I refuel and take he up again without a tail fin.
Two tanks in, all of a sudden I lose tail and have to hit hold again to drop safely.
This time, the double bb pitch control mech. had literally stripped out of the HG tail gear case.
That was it for the day.

NOW, all I can figure is that I have some sort of high frequency vibration in the tail that caused these two failures.
Before I do complete post mort, what do you guys think I should look for? What's the most likely cause for this type of vibration?
I'll have a bit of time tomorrow to sort through things.


PS: I have the same question posted in the JR forum for model specific answers

11-08-2004 04:36 AM  13 years agoPost 2


Cedar Rapids, IA

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If you've got high frequency vibes that are obvious at the tail -- check the tail rotor shaft for straigthness, and the balance of the entire tail rotor blades, grips, and hub assembly.

Only other place for high frequency vibes is in the motor/clutch/start shaft area. A bent shaft, excessive runout on a shaft, clutch not centered, clutch bell out of balance, fan out of balance.

Start at the tail, work forward.


11-08-2004 05:25 AM  13 years agoPost 3


Raleigh, NC

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Bad day? Gimmie a ring, might have some ideas.


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HelicopterMain Discussion › high freq tail shakes...what the?????
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