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Melbourne, Australia

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I've been sorting out problems with my zap since i bought it but they all seem to be cured by now. I was wondering if anyone had prepared or could just list me a basic flight plan. I can hover quite comfortably at the moment, but i dont know what to do next, pirouettes, basic forward flying, nose in hover???
Anything would be great.

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10-18-2004 11:13 AM  13 years agoPost 2


Eastern N.C.

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flight plan
Small Figure 8s, always turning away from yourself. Keep radio antena pointed in the direction of flight to help with orienation. Small figure 8s become big figure 8s and you're flying.

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Cambridge UK

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Try here.

Many people have used it and with great success.



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rrKey Veteran

Rochester, NY

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I didn't read through the above detailed link, but having just started myself about 7 months ago (and progressing well I've been told), "learning" is still pretty fresh...

There are many levels to "hovering". Not sure where you're at, but still keeping the tail in you can practice moving left, right, front, back, and tail in circuits (circles and 8's). Mix some altitude variation in there as well; climbing and decending take some guts to pull off the first time-

Ironic how nervous I was to go higher than a meter or two at first, yet the higher you go the "safer" your machine is!

Travelling side to side increasingly further will introduce you to orientation changes of both angles and distance. Get comfortable moving it around! Then as you hit foward flight with the tail behind you, if you get stuck you can always turn it in to where you are more comfortable.

Taking little steps is the coolest thing about helis!


The sky is our canvas

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