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Herts, UK

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I'm looking to create a program that lets people make phone calls and intercom to other pcs in the house.
I know this is possible using Voice over IP, there is a module which can be bought for it but is it possible to use VoIP to phone a landline?
Apparently it is and you just require a special piece of hardware but I've never used or tried one of these programs / networks.
The application I'm thinking of is a small business / home type thing. I know you can buy handsets that plug straight into the hub or switch but they are like $200 each which is a bit too expensive. Apparently you can also buy a gateway type thing that translates your calls to a normal telephone call.
However I'm not sure how this would work if it was built into a software program - if you are dialing another VoIP phone do you dial the IP address? Similarly how would it recognise which addresses are external phone numbers and which are internal?
If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful.

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HelicopterOff Topics › Phone systems / VoIP Help
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