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HelicopterBlades and Night Flying › TG Blades - Crash Damage
06-02-2004 11:50 PM  13 years agoPost 1

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Hiya all,

I'm just after some information from any of your guys that have or are flying the TG 69cm Tapered Symmetrical 3D blade.

I recently had a crash which myself and other have come to the conclusion that a servo had failed, not much damage as the model was only hovering approx 1ft above the deck and as the engine is only running in the head speed was resonable.

A couple of the guys raised a question with regards to the blades as they both had completely split in half, the guys were saying that from all there years flying they had never seen a blade just split like that, most of the time the blades just gets savaged but remains attached to the rest of the blade as the cloth normally holds it all together.

I myself have experiance of this as my old R30 had a mid air with a Fixed Wing and this was a couple of hundred feet up and when it happened the heli just fell to the ground in a mangled mess but the blades were still intact only one had a slight nick in the trailing edge and a small area on the leading edge approx 1inch or so that was damaged and that went through a mid air and a fall from a great height. Those blades were MS Blades.


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HelicopterBlades and Night Flying › TG Blades - Crash Damage
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