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HelicopterMiniature Aircraft Whiplash & Fury 55 › Flybar Over-Compensating
05-02-2004 05:22 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Brighton, Michigan

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The weather has warmed up and I am now enjoying flying my scratch-built heli that evolved out of my 99SE (which flew flawlessly for many years!) See my gallery for pictures, but the machine retains the complete pro metal head and white flybar paddles from the 99SE, and is configured in exactly the same way. I am flying 700MM Gamma symmetrical blades. Previously (on the 99SE), I flew SAB 680s, TT 680 Carbon blades, and Funkey 680 glass blades without a problem.

On this setup, the machine will now want to fly into the direction of the wind in a hover. I figure this is the stabilization effect of the hiller system over-correcting (like a non-HH gyro turned up so high that the machine hunts back and forth). I moved the link from the seesaw to the blade grip mixer arms closer in to the seesaw, and this has helped, but not eliminated the problem. I have checked and rechecked the paddle alignment and flybar setup and am sure that everything is perfect. In no-wind conditions, the machine is solid throughout the collective range, with no CCPM interraction. Adding flybar weights just makes the machine unresponsive without affecting the wind drift. This tendency occurs at all head speeds.

My questions to the experts are this:

1) What is causing this?

2) What can I do to reduce the hiller compensation without sacrificing control response? (shorter flybar, different paddles?)

-Steven Balder

05-02-2004 05:24 PM  13 years agoPost 2


New England

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there was a recent post(s) by Wayne Mann
about things like this.

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HelicopterMiniature Aircraft Whiplash & Fury 55 › Flybar Over-Compensating
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