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Posted by Mike0251 on 05-15-2016 05:04 PM:
This has been sold!

Kit #KX0160NPTG (Black) Nitro Super Pro (gear driven tail, all carbon) in superb condition. It's clean and hardly any wear, you can see that in the pics.
Original owner and builder, another one of my nice birds for sale. No more than 2 gallons, engine still set rich, everything was brand new for the build, and never flown 3D (I don't fly 3d).
Collective and throttle - Futaba 9252
Rudder - Futaba 9256
RX - Futaba 6014FS 14 ch
Gyro - Futaba GY611
Governor - Futaba GV-1
Regulator - Arizona
Battery - Relion 5200
Engine - OS MAX 50 SX (still rich)
Pipe - Very nice Hatori
Main Blade - Align (work well)
Tails - KYB 95mm
(3)as new canopies, one with custom paint, all have fuselage clips
JS Header Tank (slight weep from front connection)
Original Owners/Builders Manual

$500 shipped CONUS without items crossed out, paypal, no fees, will be multiple packages (canopies), pages of perfect feedback too

Posted by slim hank on 05-18-2016 08:58 PM:
nice bird
whats that extra blade looking thing???a flybar????lol good luck with sale I have 2
Posted by Mike0251 on 05-18-2016 10:10 PM:
Sure is! All my birds are flybar, don't own any FBL. Call me old school but I prefer flybar machines. Thanks for the bump and comment though!
Posted by DCORSAIR on 05-19-2016 01:36 AM:
Flybar, the only way to fly.........

Nice looking heli for sure and to the top for ya.!!!

D. Lee.....t.Born again.t.....

Posted by Mike0251 on 05-22-2016 11:49 AM:
Sunday ^^
Posted by Mike0251 on 05-28-2016 11:42 AM:
Posted by slim hank on 06-01-2016 08:12 PM:
I like it alot
Posted by slim hank on 06-01-2016 08:13 PM:
just what I need????another flybarred heli lol
Posted by slim hank on 06-07-2016 05:11 PM:
nice bird
still have it mike???and if so are you taking offers?thanx
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-07-2016 05:27 PM:
Still available. I could come down to $675. Shipping is going to be quite a bit which is already in the sale price and I feel that hit to the bottom line not to mention paypal's hit too. Everyone has a hand out...LOL.
Posted by slim hank on 06-07-2016 09:36 PM:
nice bird
not looking for a handout just the flybarred helis nitro aren't in big demand except for a old fasrt like me thanx
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-07-2016 10:20 PM:
Old fart here too..that's why I fly em too! Thanks for looking.
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-11-2016 10:55 AM:
Still available..for those that enjoy a bird that requires more operator input
Posted by slim hank on 06-15-2016 12:30 AM:
nice bird
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-15-2016 09:10 PM:
You know you want this in your hangar Hank, got my number, call me
Posted by slim hank on 06-15-2016 10:31 PM:
pretty bird
yup?????got 3 just like it and love em
Posted by slim hank on 06-17-2016 07:12 PM:
nice bird
I'm waiting for the fathers day sale
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-18-2016 12:46 PM:
Fathers Day over
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-24-2016 08:46 PM:
Revised Pricing
Posted by slim hank on 06-25-2016 10:54 PM:
I'm waiting for july 4th sale
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-26-2016 11:58 AM:
Posted by jackp332 on 06-26-2016 02:25 PM:
Posted by Mike0251 on 06-30-2016 02:08 PM:
Clarification: The RX, regulator and battery can be left in the model but the price increases to $600. Just offering options.
Posted by Mike0251 on 07-06-2016 05:44 PM:
Posted by Kenshi2005 on 07-06-2016 08:25 PM:
Funds sent
Thanks Mike
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