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690SX Swashplate
Posted by buster1 on 06-21-2015 09:49 PM:
Will a 690SX swashplate work with a 550SX? Thought about putting something a little more beefy on the 550SX.
Posted by captrons on 06-25-2015 12:18 AM:
Logo 550SX
It will

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Posted by KevinB on 06-25-2015 01:00 AM:
Why wouldn't it work?

Same diameter main shaft. Same frame and servo positions. Same room for collective travel. The only noticeable difference would be a faster cyclic response because of the different geometry on the inner swash ring.


Posted by BobOD on 06-25-2015 05:20 AM:
They changed the swash ratio so perhaps not optimal anymore but it works.

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Posted by EEngineer on 06-25-2015 05:45 AM:
Why wouldn't it work?
Is the distance from main shaft center to the swash "ball" centers the same?

Are the "ball" OD's the same as that of the 550SX swash?
Posted by prototype3a on 06-25-2015 02:11 PM:
Works fine but honestly, I would wait for the new Lynx swashplate. It will be serviceable and have the same swash/head ratios as the 690sx swashplate but none of the falling apart problems of the Mikado swashplates.


Posted by 1LEmayhem on 06-26-2015 10:31 PM:
I have one on my Logo 500 and it really improved the cyclic response. Flies even better now and looks like it belongs there rather than the puny swash that came with it.

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Posted by RyanW on 07-03-2015 05:43 PM:
Logo 550SX
No it will not work on 550SX
100% Incorrect. It works perfect. I have had one on a 550SX since they were first available.

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Posted by buster1 on 07-03-2015 06:16 PM:
yeah, I was asking for further opinions - but I saw a guy using the 690 swash on his 550SX, but wanted to confirm to see if any mods. we're required, but I think it's just a drop in.
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