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Posted by JoeyDiaz on 04-07-2015 12:54 AM:
I'm selling my helibaby, there's a picture of it in my gallery,make an offer,no lowball please,keep in mind around $75 for shipping
Posted by slickporsche on 04-09-2015 04:29 AM:
Schluter Helibaby
Too bad its not collective pitch. If I remember correctly this one sold for about $250 new in 76. Long time ago. Hard to remember exactly. I had four of them. All flew with gyro,and 5 channel Kraft radio, not that good, as the tail belt was its weak point and always slipping or changing. It would have been a good heli,with a decent tail drive. I still had fun with them, and they were way cheaper than the Graupner Bell 212 that I learned on. The Graupner flew very well.

I sincerely hope you dis-assemble that rascal before shipping it. Like remove the tail boom, head flybar assembly, and remove the main shaft. Lots of bubble wrap will help it survive. Good luck with the sale, and I hope you get what you want for it.
Posted by HeliRyan on 04-13-2015 09:23 AM:
Bump for a solid dude.. Miss ya buddy

I don't crash, I land at full speed!

Posted by Italiangateman on 11-11-2015 10:22 PM:
I'm looking for a helibaby
Hope you still have it
Posted by Italiangateman on 11-13-2015 07:20 PM:
Do you have any parts for a Heli baby
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