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Posted by billyboy on 03-14-2015 09:54 PM:
Whats the best pinion for 1700 and 1800 headspead

Which pinion would be best 11t or 12t

Cc edge 80hv and 3300 mah packs 12s
Posted by Fauropitotto on 03-14-2015 11:31 PM:
You can use this calculator here to find out:

Some ESCs need to run at a high percentage, so you'll need to read your manual to find out what is best.
Posted by Trexwilly on 03-15-2015 12:26 AM:
Yup depends on your ESC, and the flight pack 10S is going to need taller pinion, 12S not so much...
Posted by Andy from Sandy on 03-15-2015 10:29 PM:
As a direct answer the 11T will be best but for a 12S setup a 450Kv motor would be better.
Posted by KC on 03-16-2015 02:42 AM:
Billyboy, try the 10t mod 1.0 pinion first.

It will run just over 2000rpm with the Castle (120?) and 700mx.

I'm not sure why you want 17-1800rpm, but check this out...

This is a small motor in a Logo 600 at 2000rpm:

Watch at YouTube

That heli was 8lbs, yours is 9lbs.

The big motors are dead-weight until 22-2300rpm, theyre good for spinning those rpms.

You could fly a Logo 600 on just one of your 6s 3300mah packs and fly with a 4025-890 scorpion motor....not joking.

The flying weight would be around 7 lbs. It will fly about half as hard as that video on a 3300mah and go through those packs in a few months. BUT the same motor with a 5000mah battery would outperform that video and the packs would last a while.

(that setup in the video was an actor 24-3 with a 4000mah 10s pack. It is 11 ounces heavier than a 6s 4500mah Logo 600)

I'm building a 7 lb 10s Logo 550se at the moment
Posted by billyboy on 03-16-2015 03:19 AM:
trying a 470 kv 700mx and 11t pinion
Im just enjoying sport flying and mild 3d anybody think this would be good for low head flying
Posted by KC on 03-16-2015 04:11 AM:
That or the 510kv with the 10t pinion will be great for sport and mild 3d.

Do you have either 700mx motor at the moment?
Posted by billyboy on 03-16-2015 04:21 AM:
trying a 470 kv 700mx and 11t pinion
I have a 700mx 510kv and 12t pinion on it now got a deeal on a 700mx 470kv and 11t pinion on the way see which combo I like best
Posted by KC on 03-16-2015 05:05 AM:

sounds like you tried the higher rpms then...

Try the 10t pinion too.
Posted by Andy from Sandy on 03-16-2015 11:30 PM:
Are you sure Mikado make a 10T mod 1 pinion for a 6mm shaft?

I don't think there is enough metal at the centre for one.
Posted by billyboy on 03-17-2015 03:15 AM:
mikado pinion
Mikado dont make a 10t pinion in 6mm as far as I know
Posted by KC on 03-17-2015 03:29 AM:
I must have been smoking something guys...4 years ago I could swear they had a 10t mod 1 (didn't think about whether it was 5 or 6mm)

I can't find it on the US or German site.

disregard the 10t!
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