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Posted by Dany on 06-20-2014 07:51 AM:
I`m considering to buy a used Trex 450 and also stretch this. Is it as easy as just to buy a longer tail boom, torque tube and longer blades (360mm)?

Is this the things I need:

+ the 360mm blades
Posted by Fanbird on 06-20-2014 12:34 PM:
I stretched my fbl 450 pro and am very pleased with it These are the parts I used:
Align 360mm blades
Align 450 dominator tail boom, torque tube and tail linkage rod
kdbb 61 mm tail blades

Enjoy it
Posted by Trexwilly on 06-20-2014 03:11 PM:
Super pleased with mine too!

Watch at YouTube

Posted by icanfly on 06-20-2014 10:35 PM:
trexwilly I always enjoy your videos because they aren't full out 3d, a guy could actually learn from them.

OP, apparently you should not use the old feathering shaft but get the new 450l feathering shaft with 2.5mm fasteners on the ends. The blades, 360's, are 30grams and will tear out the tiny 1.5mm original 450 ones.
If your going belt the 500 belt is an option but will extend the tail further than the 450l 3cm longer boom.

I like my extended tt 450 as it autos really well even compared to a standard 450, probably because of the heavier blades.

the tail pitch rod is not stock. You'll have to run the 3mm carbon tail control rod when going to the 450l boom.

fun stuff
Posted by Dany on 06-21-2014 08:14 AM:

So the Align Dominator parts are better then the Tarot stretch parts?

Also, isn`t possible to use the shorter tail linkage rod and place the servo on the boom instead?
Posted by Trexwilly on 06-21-2014 12:37 PM:
I just like to keep the standard, they are different, and that's enough to screw things up.
Posted by icanfly on 06-21-2014 01:44 PM:
place the servo on the boom instead?
starts making it tail heavy (?) but it could work.

not to say who's best but you have to make sure the feathering shaft is the solid 4mm end to end with 2.5mm screws, everything else is plug and play.
Posted by Dany on 06-21-2014 01:47 PM:
What about an extra bearing on the torque tube, is this necessary?
Posted by TurboRacer on 06-21-2014 02:27 PM:
I run 3 bearings in my 450L tail.. Smoooth as buttah!! One definitely isn't enough.. Two is good, three is better

And if you don't have anything yet - wouldn't it be better to just buy the 450L? Then you don't have to figure anything out.

My 450L is flying with AR7200BX and it's a lovely combo!
Posted by Trexwilly on 06-21-2014 04:18 PM:

Here is mine running low headspeed even did an Auto at the end!

Watch at YouTube

So far I have only used one bearing on the TT but on some rebuilds I have to move it to get rid of a harmonic...
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