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Posted by tzclark on 11-08-2013 01:54 AM:
My tank is on the fritz, I have 2 tanks, both are 50 gallons. I am curious if anyone knows if its worth it to rip them both out and replace with a large hot water on demand unit? Only one tank is shot, but the bath tub in the master needs at least a 60 gallon to fill without draining the tank I was told. Any advice would be appreciated.

If i don't go to instant, I'll replace both tanks at the same time just because Murphys law told me too.

I would rather be in a boat, with a drink on the rocks, then in the drink, with a boat on the rocks!

Posted by wrongler on 11-08-2013 02:11 AM:
Tankless would be the way to go, Its never ending hot water!

Bill Whittaker

Posted by xcellgasman101 on 11-08-2013 02:33 AM:
Is the bad water heater gas or elec.? if the bad one is elec. you could check your heating element with a volt meter to check conductive, It could be just a bad element, there easy to replace.. XGM/VGM

John Crotts

Posted by tzclark on 11-08-2013 02:35 AM:
Its gas

I would rather be in a boat, with a drink on the rocks, then in the drink, with a boat on the rocks!

Posted by nitro fun on 11-08-2013 07:56 AM:
If you got the cash go tankless, but get a name brand that parts are easy to get!

Or have it heat a tank, and the tank can be a backup heater.

If you have a circulating pump a tank should be used so the heater will not run all the time due to the pump. And manufacturers are specific about what they want when a circulating pump is used .

You may need a larger gas line, And you will need a drain line for it.

If you want to get a little fancy. You can get a tank where the bottom has solar, and mid level will be the tankless connection. Or heater connected to the tank

Check these out.
And you can keep track with your iPhone

Before you jump into it, educate yourself a little on what is available..
Posted by Nasty1 on 11-08-2013 01:20 PM:
A good on demand will work fine and save in operation cost, it only heats water when the water is used, you will never run out if sized correctly,

I have a 75 jacuzzi and a 32 gal indirect water heater, I never run out because it it piped correctly, and the indirect has the fastest recovery rate that was available when I got it,

I piped a 16 unit condo building with 32 bathrooms, and used a 80 gallon indirect water heater, it's been 7 years and they have not run out of hot water yet.
I'm in the HVAC trades, and own the company, just look at the performance data, and make sure it's installed per mfg recommendations.
Don't ever change the pipe size that is spec for equipment. That is like having a 90 sized HELI with a OS32 motor. Performance will suck.

Empire Hobby Team Gaui USA

Posted by Nasty1 on 11-08-2013 01:26 PM:
Most on demand water heaters cannot be use with re-circ pumps, cannot be used for heating the house, or storage tanks.
If the temp of the water gets too warm on the inlet side of the heater it will shut the unit off on safety, manual reset.
Seen this many times with apartment complex that the landlord was cheap.

"Tankless" is a heating coil that is inside a boiler or other heating appliance for heating a home, tankless coil is submerged in the boiler and has domestic water passes threw. Most suffer from scale buildup, and is not efficient way to heat water in the summer, because the boiler must maintain operating temp year round.

Indirect is a water storage tank that will call on a boiler to heat the water as if it was its one heating zone. Pipe size is important for performance, bigger pipes to boiler = faster tank recovery, never use a zone valve with this setup.

On demand gas is by far the most efficient "depending on what gas costs" and fastest way to heat hot water, most restaurants use them for the kitchens.

Electric and gas water heaters, u know about those already,

Empire Hobby Team Gaui USA

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