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Posted by 0000 on 10-23-2012 08:54 PM:
A man claiming to be a close pal to President Obama during college made contact with Republican operatives recently, ready to go public with claims that Obama used and sold cocaine in college, is reporting exclusively.

The operatives tried to spread the story through the media and the Romney campaign, a source close to the situation told Radar. [...]

“The people he is involved with have produced other credible information that is damaging to national Democratic figures in the past few years.”

Operatives close to the Romney campaign were contacted and rejected the information, the source told Radar.

This,among other theories, could be why Obama dosent want his college transcripts/records released.
Posted by Noobyflyer on 10-23-2012 09:23 PM:
Posted by helicopter on 10-24-2012 03:05 AM:
And, he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

Posted by CWALDO123 on 10-24-2012 03:59 AM:
I read where they filed papers for a divorce at one time.

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Posted by dilberteinstein on 10-24-2012 06:51 AM:
Drug dealer...leader of the Choom Wagon!!!!


Sorry, if that's it, it's no bombshell.

Obama's being a drug dealer is kind of expected and would be more of a bombshell if he weren't a drug dealer.

While drug dealers are shunned by normal people, the Obama base expects this type of behavior.

Look at Marion Barry. He was the mayor of DC until he was sent up the river in a drug bust. He's out of prison now and what is he doing? Why he's back on the DC city council...sliming his way back up.

Drug dealing...that's AOK with "those kind".

90% of life is "showing up"

Posted by baby uh1 on 10-24-2012 01:10 PM:
We've had to support Obama since he first came to America! Crack baby aid, and then free education for forgien student, on to all of the non-jobs he has held.
It's time that he did something for us and disappeared back to whence he came.

Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about!

Posted by 0000 on 10-24-2012 01:15 PM:
Today is the day my friends.............. and phsycho,phaedrus, and a1saleen,oh and esco.
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