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Posted by Schuie Driver on 09-01-2003 08:10 PM:
Hey guys,

Is one of these necessarily any better than the other? I'm going to be ordering an aluminum fan for my R60 even before I begin the build process, but I'm torn between which one to buy considering their prices are pretty close to each other.


Posted by Dazzler on 09-01-2003 08:15 PM:
Here are the differences:
Quick UK:
Uses taper collar to fit engine shaft, no threads.
Has hole already installed for GV1 magnet

Threads onto engine shaft
No hole for GV1 magnet, if using optical sensor, TT preferred

Other than that they both work great. I use the TT and have had 0 problems.

Posted by Schuie Driver on 09-01-2003 08:19 PM:
Thanks Daz......

Now here's another question. Is a tapered collar better than a thread or vice versa?
Posted by Dazzler on 09-01-2003 08:26 PM:
Well I have never used the Quick UK fan, but from what others have said(Raptordriver) he likes it. Personally, I prefer a fan that threads onto the shaft, that way you dont have to worry about slipping, and runout. Mavrikk just came out with a new fan for the Raptor 60 also that looks pretty good too, the TT and Quk fan are proven though!!!

Posted by Schuie Driver on 09-01-2003 08:28 PM:
Hmmm.....considering I'm not a huge fan of runout either, maybe the TT fan is the way to go. Thanks for the tip on the Maverick unit, but I think I'll take a pass on that one. Thus far I have not exactly been impressed with the quality of the Maverick line.
Posted by stealthv2 on 09-01-2003 09:21 PM:
Hey dudes

I decided to get the quick Fan as a friend had the TT.
I found that the Fan was excellent! It still has thread at the top but a wider diameter at the bottom and thats where the collet comes into play. Did take a little longer to get it running true but I feel it was well worth the extra time

Posted by George Matthews on 09-02-2003 09:13 PM:
yeah but just wait till you have to remove the Quick UK fan.

George Matthews

Posted by stealthv2 on 09-02-2003 09:20 PM:
I have Taken the thing of twice now with no prblems But in saying that I have seen other people saying getting it off was a right pain in the ass.

Either I have done something right(for a change) or i've done it wrong.
Posted by Galifrey on 09-02-2003 09:22 PM:
quk fan comes off no problem if you have not overtightened it onto the collet....

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Posted by DOKEY on 09-02-2003 10:06 PM:
there is secret to getting em off. . . . . . . . . . HAMMER !!!!


Posted by Heliman1 on 09-02-2003 10:23 PM:
Metal fan
What the hell are you guy's on there is no problem getting the fan of
(Hammer) what a ****** you are, have you not heard of the tooth brush handle down the carb port , works every time no matter how tight you have tigthened thr fan on..............................................................................

Posted by DOKEY on 09-02-2003 10:28 PM:
Yes i am a ****** but dont worry i only use the 14 pound sledge hammer lightly.(only jokin!!!!!!!!)

Never had a problem getting it off, just for the record !!


Posted by Heliman1 on 09-04-2003 10:15 PM:
Hammer Head
Dokey , you should change your name to Hammer Head, oh yes you are still a T*****.............................................................................................

Posted by Galifrey on 09-04-2003 10:30 PM:
heliman1 do you know dokey?

if not praps you need a sense of humour...

he has QUK fans for OS and YS on his rappy 90

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Posted by DOKEY on 09-05-2003 07:56 AM:

Thats very kind of you to be open with me, i always appreciate honesty.

But please dont concern urself over me, i think you have alot more to worry about in yourself.

Maybe we should call you . . . . . . sorry lost the word im looking for !!!


Posted by Heliman1 on 09-05-2003 10:24 PM:
Iam very sorry Dokey I did not realise who I was talking too , I think I will just go and curl up under my stone . I do not want to start any ill feeling and I would like to appologise if I have spoken out of turn , it just winds me up when people take the piss out of British companies who try very hard to get things right , and I do not think they deserve remarks such as "oh yes remove with hammer never fails"........But sorry again Dokey I'll leave it at that thanx.........

Posted by Galifrey on 09-05-2003 10:34 PM:
hehe dokey ha more QUK bits than their average stockist...

he never slagged QUK just took the piss out of hard to remove fans...

anyway, glad to see all good friends again

Don't Email me as I wont reply - PM Only (spam countermeasures)

Posted by DOKEY on 09-06-2003 08:57 AM:
No probs Heliman, was just having a laugh, didnt wish to upset anyone.

I agree with British companies, they do try hard and Quickuk is one of the ones that are doing a fantastic job, wish there was just more like quickuk around.

Happy flying, Ryan.


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