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Posted by pulsar110 on 11-21-2006 12:41 AM:
im sure this has been hashed over before. debating bout using JR821s of F9252. wonder what you guys opinions are? thanks.

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Posted by raptor_rick on 11-21-2006 04:20 AM:
The proven 9252. It flies great with them.
Posted by Buzzin Brian on 11-21-2006 04:26 AM:
9252's in mine and I like it. Fit like a glove, and they work very well with the stock set up. No complaints.

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Posted by docjoe on 11-21-2006 05:58 AM:
9451s are same price as 9252s, digital, have metal gears and can be run at 6volts. They're also faster and torquier. I just installed them in my 600 and they are sweet!

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Posted by lakespinner2 on 11-21-2006 07:15 AM:
docjoe, I just installed some 9451's in my t-rex600, I wasn't sure whether to install the balls (on the left and right swash servo horns) on the inside or outside. Which way did you install the balls ?

I ended up shimming out the servos with some extra shims and putting the balls on the inside of the servo horns (wheels) but I'm wondering if there's a better way with the 9451's.

My 9451's are older and have pretty short servo leads; I heard the newer ones might have longer leads. I put the rx up on top of the boom where the gyro sensor often goes and the short leads reached just fine, but just barely, the gyro is happy down below. I do like the 9451's.
Posted by switch26 on 11-21-2006 08:11 AM:
the futaba 9252 work just fine but like DocJoe said,the 9451 are faster stronger and with metal gears at the same price,i would go with the 9451 my self but this is what i ended up with,and they still work just fine
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