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Posted by HIROBO29 on 06-05-2004 07:52 PM:
Hello people :-)
I am a begginer but doing really well. Doing normal 3D flying. Nothing spectacular but cool. I am currently in Abu Dhabi. City in the middle east. I am a contractor and well since there isnt much to do here I started to fly. Anyways I feel bad asking for help but there arent really that many experts around here. Really good flyers but only a few that know what they are doing on the setup side.
I just got my SST EAGLE FREYA up in the air. It flys well but not like it should. It seems like I am doing something wrong in my setup.
I really do not understand how to set it up. I feel really stupid saying that cause I can fly and not really setup. I built my Freya and did the setup. Not bad for my first heli. When I started I bought a hirobo Evolution 32 size that was ready to go. Then my friend helped me make it better on the setup. I tride the same with the Freya but just not the same.
If theres anyone out there that doesn't mind explaining and telling me what kind of pitch or throttle curves to input into my radio, please it would be nice of you. Just want to figure out how to tackle this beast. My goal is just to get the most out of it. FREAK IT OUT like I always tell my friends.


Posted by mrNoodles on 06-05-2004 08:03 PM:
Check of this post!
It contains plenty of useful tips regarding Freya and XSpec pitch setup.

'Hm now I just have to find out where to connect the GV1 sensor to the Jazz80 ESC.

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