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Posted by Saint728 on 06-05-2004 05:15 AM:
What is the best LiPo configuration for the Logo 10 and Hacker C50-13L? Is it better to use a 4S4P or would I get more power from a different type of battery configuration, like a 5S3P, etc? I was just about to order a TP-7600 4S4P 10C or TP-8000 4S4P 10C. Just trying to get the most powerful battery that will work with my motor. Also what pinion gear do I use, 13, 14 or 15 tooth? Thanks in advance.

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Posted by LVRCFlyer on 06-05-2004 07:49 AM:
With the 13L, youd need to go down to the 10-12 tooth pinions for using 5S packs. This requires a 1/8" shaft - something you could custom order for the 13L. But, Id say you cant go wrong with the 4S4P packs - even the previous 5-6C TP 4S4P packs put out awesome power in the Logo 10 with the 13L and 14-15 tooth pinions.

Since it sounds like you already have the 13L motor with the 5mm shaft, Id say stick with 4S4P. Try the 14 tooth pinion first and move up to 15 if you need a little more headspeed!
Posted by lawrenmd on 06-06-2004 03:46 AM:

I am currently flying the Logo with the TP7600 10C packs and they work great. I finally went up to a 14 pinion from the 13 and it flys very strong. I am getting about 14 mins of 3D- heavy aero with plenty of power. Temps are very good for flying it continuous for that length of time even here wher eit is in excess of 90 degrees F. If you have the 13L the 10C TP's are really good.

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